The End Of A Chapter

Followers, I apologize for my failure to post throughout these past couple of months. It was the end of September when it finally sunk in that this was my last season of collegiate soccer. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Wednesday. We had an away game vs. Southern New Hampshire University. We were scored on early … More The End Of A Chapter

Team Bonding 101

To my dear followers: Thank you for being patient with me as I have been offline for the past few weeks. With senior year now underway, I have been up to my ears with soccer, work, classes, and more importantly, trying to figure out what I will be doing after college (#therealworldisscary). Moving on, I … More Team Bonding 101

The Final Season

To all of my fellow athletes: As many rising seniors are reluctant to say, college goes by quickly. Four years quickly feels like it has been fast-forwarded with a remote that has no play-back button. For collegiate athletes, four seasons has a similar feel. Four seasons, four off-seasons, and countless memories are made during an … More The Final Season